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Why Choose a Sober Living House?

You have spent time, money, and physical and psychic strength getting through detox and treatment. Now it is time to reintegrate into daily living.

For many the transition back into normal daily functioning can be overwhelming; stress can seem to come from the simplest tasks.

Sober living houses for men or women and in some instances halfway houses for men or women, can offer the newly recovering addict and alcoholic a structured, drug and alcohol free environment. Quality sober living houses can offer a community of others who are also learning to live sober and clean lives.

One benefit of quality sober living houses such as Boca House for Men, is the natural development of a new support system-other men or women in recovery. This new support group, comprised of people who are met at 12 Step meetings as well, help newly recovering addicts and alcohol handle the stresses of daily living without drinking or drugging. The power of the support system cannot be underestimated or replaced by people outside of recovery.

A variety of sober living houses offer different types of structure, supervision, and support. Some sober living houses are completely run by those who live at the residence. Still other sober living houses will have regular staff that supervise and support the residents.

For those newly sober, living in a house with staff, drug testing, rules, house meetings, mandatory 12 Step meetings, work or school obligations, provides the safest environment to begin the journey of living drug and alcohol free.

Many men newly recovering from drugs and alcohol may feel ill-equipped to move back to their homes; sometimes for an extended period of time. Many halfway houses have a time limitation on residents. These time restrictions may seem arbitrary and can be destructive if the addict is forced to move into the mainstream before he or she feels ready.

Boca House for Men and Awakenings for Women, in Boca Raton, Florida do not impose mandatory exit dates. Indeed, at Boca House men graduate through Phases of living as they learn to take more responsibility for themselves. These phases go all the way up to Graduate Living, special units for men who have long term recovery who cannot return home. At Boca House for Men, one can stay as long as is needed to strengthen sobriety and ensure long term recovery.

Interested in finding a place at a structured, supervised, safe, supportive recovering community, call 877-957-8187.

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