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How to Enjoy a Sober Spring Break in Boca Raton

on February 21, 2020 | admin

Boca House, a sober living facility for men, is conveniently located just miles from the beach in sunny South Florida, where thousands of people gather each year to celebrate a week off from school and responsibilities. For many, “spring break” stirs up images of partying, beach days, late nights, and excessive alcohol intake. But, who says spring break should be centered around drinking, regrets, and blacking out?

Is it possible for spring break and sobriety to mix? Replacing unsafe and unhealthy habits with more natural and safe ones is a perfectly attainable spring break plan of action. For those living a healthy, sober life, it’s important to know you can still have just as much fun. Try considering alternative plans for a sober spring break in Boca Raton.

Know Your Boundaries

If you think you can enjoy the same activities as everyone else, but with a sober twist, go for it. However, knowing your boundaries is important. If you think it will be difficult to stay sober in certain situations, try to stay away from them.

Get Creative

When leading a sober spring break in Boca, you may have to part ways with the traditional go-to spots like bars, house parties, or night clubs. Instead, try going to the beach, spend time with friends outdoors, see movies, go to museums, shows, concerts, hikes, bike rides, horseback riding, take surfing lessons, or volunteer somewhere.

Create a Healthy Environment

Sobriety is simple if you are spending time in a healthy, positive environment. Avoid people and activities that are centered around drinking, as you may wind up feeling pressured or uncomfortable.

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