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House Rules

Why do we need house rules?

For the newly recovering addict or alcoholic, rules and structure are crucial to finding a way back to living life on a daily basis. In general, the course of addiction has destroyed a man’s ability to show up for anything, to be accountable for his actions, or to be able to have healthy interactions with others. House rules help newly sober men break through isolation and learn to deal with others. Rules and regulations offer a newly recovering man structure and routine. The goal is fostering new habits while strengthening the foundation of recovery for a life sober and clean.

House Rules, for Boca House men in Phase I are the most stringent.These residents are just awakening from the fog of addiction and the chaos created by addictive behavior. At any level, I,II, or III men are expected to be:

  • Drug and alcohol free
  • Gainfully employed or in school
  • Get an AA or NA sponsor
  • Attend meetings
  • Build a network of men in recovery
  • Avoid dangerous behaviors
  • Avoid aggressive behavior
  • Avoid smoking in apartments
  • Maintain Respect for others property
  • Keep apartments clean
  • Submit to urine tests
  • Attend community meetings
  • Abide by curfew appropriate to Phase I,II, III

These rules have been created to make sure that a man develops self-discipline, accountability, responsibility, and respectability. Men learn how to behave by the modeling of those who have more sober time, and those men learn how to mentor others with less time.

A sober community exists to help each man understand he is not alone. He no longer needs to face challenges without support, feedback, or deliberative thought. Building strength in sobriety means understanding that it is appropriate to ask for help, that challenges are more easily handled when there is a strong network of men helping you, that feelings are just feelings and not facts and that negative and self-destructive impulses do not have to be acted upon.

These lessons are taught by example and personal experience; everyone has these opportunities at Boca House. In a sober living community, a newly sober and clean man will experience ups and downs, but learning how to negotiate the lows and the highs in healthy, self-productive ways solidifies recovery for the long term.

Help strengthen your recovery, become a resident at a unique, quality, structured, supportive sober living house for men. Call Boca House for Men at 877-957-8187.

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