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Dry January is the Perfect Start to 2017

on February 21, 2020 | admin

Dry January is the perfect start to your sober 2017. Starting the year off sober, saving money, and feeling good – what more could you need?  Boca House, sober living house for men, has a few simple ways to keep yourself inspired during Dry January.

1.If you go out to a bar or event, order club soda with lime, or something that may resemble a drink so people do not pressure you into drinking or try to buy you a drink. Make note of how well you feel the next day without alcohol in your system.

2. Spending time with other sober people tends to weaken the urge to want to drink. Remembering that you are not alone in your sobriety is extremely helpful.

3. Visit websites that will reinforce your sobriety. TheFix and RethinkingDrinking offer expert opinions and blogs from others who are living drug and alcohol free.

4. Reward yourself periodically. Each day you stay sober is an accomplishment. Try rewarding yourself in small ways throughout the week, or at the end of Dry January. Buy yourself a massage, have a cheat day from your diet and eat whatever you want, or reward yourself with something you have been wanting for a while.

5. Giving up alcohol does not mean you are giving up having fun. Go to concerts, enjoy dinners with friends, and go out on sober dates. The best part is you will have genuine memory of each of these experiences.

The staff at our sober living house for men know the first month can be the most difficult. Once you have successfully completed Dry January, you can move on to a sober, healthy, and happy 2017!

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