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Common Experiences in Early Sobriety

on February 21, 2020 | admin

Boca House knows early sobriety can be a trying time for anyone going through it. A newly sober lifestyle will call for a changing mind, body, and relationships. These changes could overwhelm a newly recovering addict. While these moments may be uncomfortable and frustrating, they are valuable, overall. Those who have successfully recovered from drug and alcohol addictions at our sober living facility for men have shared a few common experiences in early sobriety that stood out to them.
  1. Your first AA meeting. It is common to feel scared or resistant to attend your first AA meeting. It is important to remember that these people have shared experiences with you, and their recovery process can be extremely beneficial to yours.
  2. Your first time being around alcohol. Your first time being around alcohol after your recovery could be a pivotal moment. Though these moments may seem tough at first, they will serve as a reminder for your newly forged connection with yourself, and your control over your addiction.
  3. Changing relationship dynamics. Early sobriety, and sobriety in general, changes relationships. It is not realistic to think that all your previous relationships with family, friends, or love interests will be as they were before your recovery. Accepting and understanding the necessary change can help you past these hurdles.
The rehabilitation process at our sober living facility for men practices life skills to make your early sobriety a success.

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