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Career Development at Boca House: A Sober Living House for Men

Returning to daily life after substance abuse addiction can be overwhelming presenting problems for those new to sobriety. Issues of healthcare insurance, money for food, finding a job, for example, can be perplexing. Despite the challenges, the transition back to the larger community can be successful. To help you get back on your feet, our sober living community for men, Boca House for Men, offers residents a career development center.

A certified TABE consultant can assist you in obtaining a GED if that is needed. A high school diploma improves a man’s chances of moving forward. The consultant can administer the TABE assessment to determine a man’s skill level.The correct assessment and correctly filled out job application can increase a man’s chances of finding an appropriate job. Greater success, at every level of activity, strengthens early recovery.

All the details of daily living, such as health insurance and food stamps can be obtained through the career center. Boca House, in Boca Raton, Florida is part of Palm Beach County. Those individuals who have no health insurance coverage when they enter Boca House are in serious need of coverage. For such individuals, Boca House Career Center can arrange for them to become part of the Health Care District of Palm Beach County. The health services provided by the Health Care District are free to those who cannot afford insurance residing in Palm Beach County.

If a man needs food stamps, the Career Center will arrange that, as well. Once the necessities of life are secured, the Career Center will help men focus on finding a job, going to school, or volunteering. Many people are unaware that they possess many skills. Our skilled career consultant can help, any man in residence, put a workable resume together. Upon completion of the resume, an extensive job search begins. The process is all computerized saving everyone time, money, and heartache.

Healthy expectations are based upon real life situations. A person newly recovering from substance abuse addiction often needs to learn to live again in a different way; that may mean taking a job that allows the man to show up regularly, regain structure and responsibilities in his life before taking on a challenging work position. The Career Center can help residents take steps to succeed in recovery and life. Once the complexities of beginning again are simplified, the man new to sobriety can focus on his recovery.

Boca House, a structured supervised halfway house for men, makes that possible. Call 877-957-8187 now and get a step up on your recovery.

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    The program is responsible for the oversight of a statewide system of care for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of children and adults with serious mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders.

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    FARR Standards ensure the integrity of program services and an environment of care. From residential treatment models to long-term recovery residences, FARR affirms the necessity of a continuum of care to adequately address the total needs of the recovering individual.

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    Boca House is a BBB accredited business with an A rating since 2010

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