A Different Take on the War On Drugs

While the War on Drugs aims to impose isolation and pain on addicts, who are already in pain and most likely feeling isolated, there are others stepping forward with other ideas on how to tackle the problem at hand. Except many of these ideas come with a side of compassion and understanding, in lieu of a zero-tolerance policy.

In a recent interview given by Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days Of The War on Drugs author Johann Hari, he discloses that, “one of my earliest memories is of trying to wake up one of my relatives and not being able to, and there was a lot of addiction in my family, and I kind of realized that there were loads of really basic questions that I just didn’t know the answer to about this subject.”

As a result, he poses the questions “Why did we start kind of going to war against drug users and addicts in the first place? Why do we continue, even though a lot of people think it doesn’t work? What really causes drug use and drug addiction? And what are the alternatives?”

In order to find some of the answers to his questions, he made the trek throughout a total of nine different countries. Along his journey, he consulted with and interviewed all walks of people associated with the underground and above-ground world of drugs; including but not limited to, scientists and drug dealers. This journey enlightened him to the fact that a majority of our population – including himself – are widely unaware of the true nature of drugs and drug addiction in today’s society.

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