Top Places Teens Hide Drugs

Nothing is more frustrating than suspecting that your teen is abusing drugs, yet you cannot seem to find where they are hiding the substances. While hiding places have remained relatively the same since you yourself were once a teenager, there are in fact new and creative ways that teens nowadays hide their drugs.

Most people who abuse drugs will keep them somewhere on them. That way, the drugs are easily accessible and have less of a chance of getting lost. Moreover, most teenagers bank on the fact that their parents will not think to search their private space and go through the clothing on their body. Make sure that you are aware of the top places that teens hide drugs, so you can decide if looking into a Boca Raton sober living house is the next best step for you and your family.

Pens. Recently, teens have started taking the inkwell out of pens and stash a joint or a rolled up baggy inside of it.

Makeup. A new way that teens hide drugs is by hollowing out lip balm containers and filling it with drugs.

Shoes. While this hiding spot is nothing new, now some shoes are being sold with hidden compartments in the soles or tongues of the shoes.

Mint Containers. Perhaps the simplest hiding spot, make sure that you check out the inside of mint containers for any hidden drugs; this goes for gum containers as well.

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