Tips for Having a Sober Fourth of July

Did you know that almost 50 percent of people in recovery relapse at least once?

In fact, holidays are often cited as one of the main catalysts for a relapse. Family functions that serve alcohol can quickly turn into a dangerous situation for recovering addicts. Luckily, your Boca Raton sober living home is here to make sure that you don’t fall off the recovery wagon.

Protect yourself from recovery relapse with these tips from Boca House for having a sober Fourth of July:

Make yourself a priority. Always keep in mind that your recovery is more important than any party. If you feel like going to an alcohol-laden get together will prevent you from having a sober Fourth of July, then the solution is simple – don’t go.

Go to an extra meeting (or two). Hey, any extra help you can get can’t hurt, right? When the holidays roll around, head on over to a meeting at your Boca Raton sober living home for some extra support.

Bring your sober army. Considering there is strength in numbers, bringing a group of sober friends from your Boca Raton sober living home will give you that extra bit of strength when you need it most.

Have fun. Now that you are celebrating a sober Fourth of July, it is important to remember that you no longer have to deal with a horrible hangover the next day and the consequences of whatever shenanigans you got into while you were drunk. Remember that you are allowed to relax and have a little fun – after all, you’ve earned it!

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