Tips for Sober Celebrations this Fall

Just because you are working through recovery treatment in Boca Raton does not mean you have to miss out on this fall’s fun events; a family get together, Halloween parties, and office celebrations. Invites to various parties might spark up a familiar anxiety, as you wonder if you can handle being sober at a party.

Boca House, a sober living facility for men in Boca Raton, Florida, has simple tips for sober celebrations this fall that will keep you in the action, without sacrificing your recovery progress.

1.Bring your own car. Having access to your car in case you want to leave will make you feel better about being at the party, should you become uncomfortable. Not to mention, you won’t put yourself at risk getting into the car with someone who has been drinking.

2. Carry a drink in your hand. It is typical party etiquette to offer someone a beverage if they don’t already have one. By carrying a nonalcoholic beverage in your hand, you can avoid someone trying to give you one.

3. Be prepared to answer questions during sober celebrations. People will be naturally curious as to why you are not drinking. If you are not comfortable telling them you are in recovery, simply say you work the next day, or you have a lot to do.

4. Have your sponsor on speed dial. Let your sponsor know you will be attending a party. This way if you do feel tempted and overwhelmed they can expect your call and be ready to help.

5. Have an escape plan. Know what you are going to say if and when you want to leave.

6. Practice saying no. If you find yourself being invited to things you may not be ready to handle in your recovery, say no. Don’t commit to something you’re not 100% comfortable with.

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