Tackling the Holidays without Relapsing

The holidays is an intimidating time for anyone who has just finished their stay at a Boca Raton drug rehab. Between the holiday parties laden with alcohol, to the temptation to drink simply to have to deal with being around certain family members – the holiday season is littered with minefields aimed at compromising your sobriety.

You can finally rest assured knowing that there are plenty of ways to navigate all the tinsel and celebratory glasses of champagne. RSVP yes to those holiday party invites, because Boca House has some helpful tips on tackling the holidays without relapsing.

Do regular maintenance on your sobriety plan. Regardless of whether or not you go to weekly meetings, pay a regular visit to your sober living house in Boca Raton, or have sober buddies that you lean on when you need support, make sure that you do regular maintenance on your sobriety plan. This will help reinforce the much-needed support for making sure that you do not relapse during the holiday season.

Relax at holiday parties. Spending the whole time at your holiday parties worrying over whether or not someone is going to offer you another drink is no way to enjoy yourself. While you should still be alert and on guard for any temptations during the holiday season, remember all of the tools you learned at your Boca Raton drug rehab and trust your strength in recovery. Relaxing and reconnecting with family members who you may not have seen since you entered into a sober living house in Boca Raton might prove to be just what you need to order to know that you made the right choice in getting sober.

If you or a loved one are in need of a sober living house in Boca Raton around the holiday season, then call Boca House today.

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