Surprising Stress Factors

Did you know that stress is contagious? According to a 2014 German study in which participants had to observe a stressful task, almost all of the participants experienced a significant increase in their stress level.

Added stress in your environment plays a huge role in your behavior, so making sure that you have the coping mechanisms to deal with it, is imperative for success in sobriety.

  1. Social Media. Between posting, tweeting, commenting, liking, sharing, and the overall constant influx of what everyone else is doing – it is amazing how anyone gets anything done at all. Especially when you are trying to focus on maintaining your sobriety, the last thing you need is to log on to Facebook and see all of your former friends out at a bar having fun without you. Do yourself a favor and cut the added stress by opting out of social media. If you find it impossible to fully cut the cord, then try deactivating your social media accounts for a week and see how you feel – we have a feeling you might notice a drastic difference.
  2. Childhood. Many experiences that occurred in your childhood are responsible for your stress levels and overall health as an adult. Especially those children who were raised with parents who had a heightened level of anxiety; they often find themselves entering into adulthood with the same amount of anxiety. Talking to someone or writing down any negative childhood experiences may axe unwanted stress.
  3. Caffeine. Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, opt out of reaching for the caffeine. Having too much caffeine not only causes sleep issues, digestion problems, and overall irritability, it almost always makes stress worse. Try some soothing green tea – sans the caffeine – and watch your stress levels slowly dwindle away!

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