Study Reveals that Adolescent Marijuana Use Affects Brain Development

Did you know that the age that someone begins smoking marijuana is a huge factor regarding how it affects their brain development?

According to researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas in Dallas, adolescent marijuana use that begins at the age of 16 or younger have less evolved complex thinking, judgment, and reasoning abilities.

Principal investigator at the Center for BrainHealth, Francesca Filbey, Ph.D., “Science has shown us that changes in the brain occurring during adolescence are complex. Our findings suggest that the timing of cannabis use can result in very disparate patterns of effects. Not only did age of use impact the brain changes but the amount of cannabis used also influenced the extent of altered brain maturation.”

Ultimately, the earlier the adolescent marijuana use begins, the bigger the impact it has on overall brain development. While some effects are irreversible, it is possible to get clean and have a successful life; with the help of a sober living house in Boca Raton, Florida, the transition from living the life of an addict to that of a sober person does not have to be an overwhelming one.

Filbey continues to share that, “The effects observed were above and beyond effects related to alcohol use and age. These findings are in line with the current literature that suggest that cannabis use during adolescence can have long-term consequences.”

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