Why the New Street Drug Norco Is So Dangerous

A new street drug has hit the streets; Norco contains fentanyl and another unknown synthetic opioid, and is responsible for a series of overdoses all along the west coast.

While the drug is sold under the guise of being a prescription painkiller, it is in fact much more dangerous. It has been found to contain a relatively new drug called U-47700, and is ultimately causing people to need the help of a Boca Raton sober living home.

Like fentanyl, Norco is much more powerful than morphine, but at a much lower rate. As a result, this has caused the drug to lead to unanticipated opioid toxicity even in people who have a high tolerance for prescription opioids. In fact, a recent study revealed that more than 100 psychoactive substances that are banned in China could find their way to being part of the ingredients in Norco. Ultimately, this poses a problem for doctors and nurses in the future, as more and more people will be needing help from facilities similar to Boca Raton sober living homes.

In fact, Google Trend search data from recent months reveal that the drug is currently sold as a “research chemical” online, and the number of searches per month are steadily rising. If you or someone you love want more information on the dangers of Norco, then call your Boca Raton sober living home today for more information.


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