Steven Tyler: “I Have an Addictive Personality”

The Final Wake-up Call

Drug addiction is a life-altering thing. Not only do illegal drugs deteriorate the quality of life, but what happens when drugs that are meant to help takes you down the road to addiction? In Steven Tyler’s case, it would be his reintroduction into a life of addiction. Steven, front man of the famed rock band, Aerosmith was not unfamiliar to drug addiction. He kicked the habit years earlier and found himself struggling with addiction once again. This time, it would be to the very thing meant to help him manage pain that would be his final wake up call.

A Serious Addiction

By his own admission, Steven Tyler blew more than $20 million dollars (literally) up his nose feeding the addiction that ran his life. Thanks to his concerned band mates, who staged an intervention at the height of their success, he went into drug rehab and kicked his addiction from cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. However, after having surgery decades later, he found himself addicted to pain killers and finally got real with himself, telling Oprah Winfrey “I have an addictive personality” and would need an accountable person to oversee even his necessary prescription drug use.

When Drugs Designed to Help, Cause Addiction

Even if you have never battled with street drugs or alcohol, prescription drug addiction is an ever-growing problem. A key factor to keep in mind is that there many reasons different reasons an addict becomes addicted. Factors such as financial distress, effects of the economy, medical challenges, family or job problems, depression, and a number of other factors are all contributors. But the reasons why you became an addict isn’t as important as realizing that you must get help to get better and regain control of your life. First, take a personal assessment of where you are now and realize:

  1. Your addiction is an illness and reaching out is the first step to getting healthy and regaining control of your life.
  2. Your addiction might not be as difficult to overcome as you might think.
  3. Your addiction is having a negative impact on your life.
  4. You must come clean with those you love to overcome your addiction. Realize any negative responses are not directed at you but at what the drug does to you.

Get Help Now

Taking the first step can seem frightening. If you have difficulty admitting to your family or friends, reach out to others such as your physician, clergy, or a drug rehabilitation counselor. Remember, you are not alone; many others have been where you are now and are there helping people just like you and understand your fears and apprehensions because they have been there. You do not have to make that first step alone; help is always available for you.

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