More Steps Being Taken to Combat Prescription Pill Abuse

A new bill has been created by the California Legislature, in an effort to put an end to the excessive amount of prescription pill abuse that is running rampant throughout the nation. The bill will target the problem by having medical professionals opt for new types of prescription opioids that aim to deter potential drug abusers.

These new types of prescriptions are specifically made so that they cannot be abused – the new types of tablets are not able to be crushed, chewed or injected. This comes at a time when almost 52% of drug overdose deaths within the United States are linked to pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by medical professionals.

Moreover, out of the 52% overdose deaths, 71% were the direct result of prescription painkillers.

Doctors can attest to the rate of abuse going on – Jim Wood, a practicing dentist, released a statement stating that, “tragically, I also saw my share of people attempting…to feed an addiction or pattern of abuse. Narcotic pain medications…provide effective relief for the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain. But took easily they are getting into the wrong hands.”

More and more precautions are being taken across the nation, which allows medical providers to combat potential abuse by opioids. Purdue Pharma led the pack in 2010, when they reformulated OxyContin to be more resistant to potential abuse; while Tariginiq – when snorted, crushed, or dissolved into liquid, the naloxone mixes with the oxycodone and cancels out the euphoric effects – said to be available to prescribe within 2015.

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