What Not to Do When Staying at a Sober Living House

Making the decision to get help for your substance abuse problem is hard enough; throw moving into a sober living house on top of it, and the whole situation can seem downright scary.

After all, what is a Florida sober house even like, anyways? In order to make sure that you do not start your recovery journey off on the wrong foot, make sure you know what not to do when staying at a sober living house.

Don’t challenge the system. Rebelling against the rules set in place at the Florida sober house will only hurt yourself in the long run. Remember that the main goal of being there is to stay sober, not see how rules you can break.

Don’t keep to yourself. If you start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, then don’t bottle it up inside. Instead, make friends with others and talk it out. After all, who would understand better? Don’t forget that they are in the sober living house for the same reason you are!

Don’t skip the meetings. The whole point of staying at a Florida sober house to begin with is to get better. By going to the meetings, you learn valuable information in terms of overcoming your fears and learning healthy coping mechanisms.


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