How to Stage an Alcohol Intervention

If you are thinking of planning an alcohol intervention for a loved one this holiday season then the professionals at Boca House are here to help you! Follow these steps when planning an alcohol intervention:

1. Research: Research is the key to a successful alcohol intervention. It is important to find a highly reputable interventionist or an addiction specialist to mediate the intervention. Keep in mind that interventions can be difficult to an unsuspecting alcoholic, and it is important to have a professional present at all times.

2. Pick an Intervention Group: After you choose which friends and family members you want to be a part of the intervention group, it is important that as a group, you meet with an interventionist to come up with an effective intervention strategy. A common intervention practice is to have all members of the group write a letter to the addict, expressing everything that they want the addict to know about how they feel.

3. Pre-Intervention Meeting: Have a walk-through Intervention with everybody present except the alcoholic. Play out different scenarios with the group so that everyone is prepared for what may happen.

4. The real Intervention: Make sure that you have some sort of security team there in case things get out of control. Remember to remind your loved one about how much you love them and that you are there to help them get their life back.

On behalf of Boca House we wish you and your family a very successful intervention! For more tips contact our addiction hotline at 877-957-8187.

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