New Sobriety is Fragile

If you are an individual who recently has detoxed from drugs or alcohol, you are to be commended for your hard work and perseverance. Saying goodbye to the substances that made you an addict is no easy feat. That is why so many addicts relapse time and again. Staying sober is tough. Surrounding yourself with others who are going through the same struggles and temptations and who share your desire to succeed can make the difference between repeated cycles of relapse and long-term success.

You Need Professional Help

Chances are, when you decided to quit drugs or alcohol you sought help from professionals trained to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms as safely as possible and to help you with the mental aspects of becoming sober. Once you succeed in becoming sober, you’ve won half the battle. The second half is maintaining your sobriety and changing your habits and thinking patterns. As a newly sober individual, you’re like a newborn baby. You’re viewing the world through new eyes and struggling to make sense of the cacophony of noise, sights, and choices. You need help making healthy choices. Boca House for Men is a safe haven for men recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Our highly trained, empathetic staff will guide you through the uncertain early days and help you gain the confidence and strength to pursue a healthy, sober life.

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