Sober Words from Craig Ferguson

An Entertaining Late Night Personality

Craig Ferguson regales fans each late late night with jokes about everything from politics, celebrity gossip and the daily news. This Scotsman, who has performed as a stand-up comic and as a film and television actor, delights his fans each night with his confident Scottish brogue and well thought out, well written and masterfully delivered monologues.

The Britney Spears Crisis According to Craig Ferguson

At the low point of Britney Spears’ personal crisis in 2007, which she suffered before the public when it would have been far better for her if she had gone through her personal woes in private and quiet. Late night show talk hosts, entertainment news programs and traditional news programs reported on the singer’s problems but left it at that.

Craig FergusonHowever, Britney Spears had a champion in Craig Ferguson who used his status and television position to share his own story of alcoholism and drug problems that had happened 15 years prior to Ms. Spears’ problems. Not only did Craig Ferguson choose not to make jokes at Britney Spears’ expense, but he took that time to express his own struggles, particularly with alcohol. His own struggles had not been a secret before this incident, but never before had he felt so compelled to share his story so intimately with his audience and let the world know in order to help Britney Spears and perhaps be a voice to others in the midst of struggle with drugs and alcohol.

He stated that he could not, in good conscience, be able to make jokes at the young singer’s expense and he would not be able sleep at night if he did since he knew the battle against which she was waging and the rough road that she still had awaiting her. His understanding of and compassion for her situation was well-received by his fans.

A Late Night Story of Recovery

On that night, Craig Ferguson acted as a witness to the benefits of sobriety and was a classic beacon of hope to those caught in the turmoil related to drugs and alcohol by sharing the continuing struggle that he faces, in terms of the fact that he cannot drink alcohol. Abstinence, for him, is the only way to sustain sobriety, which is quite often the case in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The actor and talk show host shared the dark times that he encountered in 1991 that led him to nearly commit suicide. The only thing that stopped him, he said, was that a bartender poured him a glass of sherry that made him forget to go through with his life-ending plans. The irony of the fact that the alcohol saved his life eluded him until the February of 1992 when he finally decided to seek recovery.

Craig Ferguson’s Thoughts on Rehab

Craig Ferguson notes that he has put his drinking problems behind him but only because he went to the right kind of rehab, which is one where you go into treatment for the prescribed time but you leave with tools to sustain you for a lifetime to help you understand your limits, triggers, temptations and ways to stay the course and enjoy a lifetime of sobriety.

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