Sober Living: All Recovery, No Temptations

Studies show that men who recently have embarked upon a journey of sobriety have the best odds of maintaining their sobriety when they are surrounded by other men on a similar path. Boca House is a men’s-only sober living facility in sunny South Florida. Detox is a physical process but maintaining your sobriety is a mental process. Our serene, peaceful, lush, tropical surroundings encourage soul-searching and the desire to live a healthy life. We do not warehouse our patients; we treat each individual intimately with one goal: helping them succeed in sobriety.

We Teach What We Know

Anyone can say the right things and read medical texts that explain how to help recovering addicts. Personal experience is no substitute for textbook knowledge. Boca House was founded more than 25 years ago by Steve Manko, after he embarked upon his own journey of sobriety. Steve realized that kicking drugs and alcohol is only the first step in a long process. Once sober, remaining sober requires a solid support system of people who will hold the former addict responsible and encourage and motivate him. In the early stages, an addict who wants to remain sober must surround himself with others who have committed to clean living. Temptations are hard to resist. Boca House is a safe environment free of alcohol and drugs and full of inspiration, support, instruction, and mental and physical exercises to strengthen patients and help them eventually integrate into regular life.

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