Sober Living Facilities

Men who are clean and sober can greatly benefit from residing in sober living facilities with other recovered addicts. Whether they have overcome alcohol or drug abuse, living with other supportive men in a safe environment is an important part of learning how to live in society without the use of substances.

Isolation Not Allowed

Here at Boca House, our sober living residences do not allow men to live in isolation, as this can be a pathway for reentering substance abuse. Therefore, men will have 1, 2, or 3 roommates that will they learn to co-exist with. These communal environments provide opportunities for friendships, support and activities outside of the apartment. Our sober living facilities provide their residents with TVs, computers and fully furnished apartments that must be kept clean and intact.

Promotion of Healthy Living

Our sober living residences also include exercise rooms, swimming pools, walking trails, and classes for aerobic exercise. Maintaining a healthy and physically fit body through exercise and communal recreation activities is a critical step in keeping men clean and sober as they learn how to live a life free of substance abuse. Exercise also fends of depression, negative thoughts, and isolation.

While remaining sober following recovery from an addiction is a challenging process, men can be very successful by residing in sober living facilities. With our tight knit communities filled with opportunities for exercise, group support, and quiet areas for job searching or studying, our patients are successful and reenter society with pride.

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