Sober is the New Cool

Finally, more and more millennials are tired of the embarrassing nights, sick mornings, wasted money, and barely remembering what happened or how. Studies show more and more young adults in their 20’s and early 30’s prefer to take the sober route on nights out instead. Staying sober is cool now.

What started this trend of staying sober?

The most obvious reason is the difference in the way you feel waking up without a hangover.

Another reason is that millennials understand that a good degree doesn’t necessarily get them a good job. They have to work harder to get their career on the right path, and alcohol distracts you from getting things done or can hinder you from achieving success.

Not drinking alcohol saves you from money loss and potential trouble. The money previously spent on Ubers and cabs adds up quick. No more worrying about who will drive you home. Stay sober and drive yourself!

Women are aware of the effects of sobriety on their appearance but men should consider how staying sober will affect them as well. Staying sober makes you look better. It gives you a healthier appearance. Staying sober helps you in the gym; alcohol in your system disrupts muscle building. Best of all, you’ll notice better luck with women.  Men, I’m sorry but “can I buy you a drink” is the least original pick up line women have ever heard. Staying sober helps you develop comfort in just being yourself rather than relying on a drunk persona to take over, and it’s highly likely that a woman will be more inclined to get to know you if you seem collected and composed instead of sloppy and drunk.

Instead of calling your friends to ask if you had a good time the night before, wouldn’t you rather remember every detail yourself? Instead of hoping that one girl from the bar was into you, wouldn’t you rather be sure since you were sober and you remember how your conversation went? Boca House for Men knows very well that men will form more lasting relationships and bonds through sober interactions rather than drunken ones.

If you’re wondering where or how to join in on the new sober lifestyle, search local sober raves, alcohol-free bars, and have booze-less dinners or outings with your friends. Establish a sober social network that you know you can have a great time with.

Guilt, shame and sickness are out; health, happiness and purpose are in. Staying sober is the new cool.


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