Next Siri Update Will Provide Help for Substance Abuse

In light of Apple’s most recent update, the question has been raised (literally) about how Siri responds when you ask her about where to get help for substance abuse.

The new update allows users to get help for domestic violence and rape, whereas before if you asked Siri about where to go for help with the same issues, she would have responded with, “I don’t know what that means.”

According to researchers at JAMA Internal Medicine, “The controversial agents were inconsistent; they recognized and responded to some health concerns appropriately, but not others. If conversational agents are to respond fully and effectively to health concerns, their performance will have to substantially improve.”

After the release of the new Siri update, it has left some people asking how Siri will answer questions regarding where to get help for substance abuse. Currently, when you ask Siri “How do I get sober?” she responds with the site for a sober living house, but with no numbers or corresponding numbers to call.

While Siri currently sends users to the correct sites, she does not provide a number to get help from, or information on what to do if someone is overdosing. Apple has already shared that they plan to improve Siri’s response to such substance abuse problems in their next update, which will make it much easier for people to get help from a sober living house.

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