Should Justin Bieber “Beliebers” Be Concerned Over Marijuana Use?

Recent Events Unfold…

Justin Beiber MarijuanaSince pop star Justin Bieber was photographed recently in a hotel room allegedly smoking marijuana with other teen and tween idols, fans are wondering what stand to take on the issue. The photos were taken just one day after a paparazzo died trying to take photos of Bieber’s Ferrari. The photographer claimed Bieber was smoking marijuana from a pipe from inside the vehicle. Sources close to Bieber say he has never used marijuana and the dying photographer lied.

Some fans have begun to cut Bieber from their Twitter and Facebook friends list because of the pictures. The 18-year-old pop star falls under the legal age for smoking legally in some states, including Colorado where he recently performed at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Several states have new amendments declaring smoking marijuana is legal for legal-aged adults.

The only defense Bieber took to the accusations or photos was to say, “Everyday growing and learning, trying to be better, you get knocked down, you get up.” Afterwards, “Beliebers” both chastised and defended Bieber on social networks. Some reported feeling let down by his choice to use marijuana, while others posted that stars should be forgiven for one-time slips and marijuana was no big deal.

A Troubling Trend

The troubling part, is according to national statistics, many drug habits begin with smoking marijuana. Choosing to smoke marijuana is, in itself, an addictive habit that can lead to dangerous drug use. Unfortunately, Bieber appears to be doing a familiar dance that many celebrities have been caught at – dabbling with marijuana. Since Bieber admittedly has great star power, it is sad that many young teens look to him and put a tremendous amount of stock in the statements he makes.

It is evident that the United States has become more tolerant of marijuana since Colorado and Washington voters recently approved state-regulated growth of marijuana. Massachusetts also approved the use of medical marijuana. Shifting ideas may change public opinion with time, but it does not change the fact that marijuana can lead to dangerous drug addictions.

Fans Have Different Opinions

Meanwhile, there are a group of fans on Twitter who disagree with Bieber’s choice to smoke pot and chose to begin circulating a #CutForBieber tagline that began trending in mid-January by fans who threatened to cut themselves if he continued using the drug. This is typical of the age of Bieber fans, and while the threat is silly and immature, Bieber should take it seriously and get the help he might need now to prevent further addiction.

While other celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus, quickly jumped on board to discourage the group from considering self-harm, she said it is a serious subject that any celebrity should take seriously. Unfortunately, Bieber is in the denial phase of what could lead to the need for some sort of rehabilitation. Many drug users begin to use drugs or alcohol socially and deny they may have a growing problem.

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