The Four R’s of Recovery

Boca House knows that everyone’s addiction recovery is its own unique experience, which is why we create a plan that works specifically for you. However, there are four pillars in recovery that everyone deals with. Stay on the right path with the Four R’s of Recovery:

Resilience – Resilience is critical to the Four R’s of Recovery. Those who show resilience can adapt to change and bounce back from tough times and adversity. Suffering from addiction can bring about some of the hardest times in someone’s life; resilient people get back up when they are knocked down, work through hardships and stress, and emerge stronger on the other end.

Roles – Understand your role and the roles that others play in your life during your recovery. Your role should be meaningful; you should have a sense of purpose, believe in yourself, and know who you are outside of your addiction. Those in recovery should be surrounded by strong role models who create a strong support system to help you navigate through tough times.

Relapse – Relapse is one of the most detrimental of the Four R’s of Recovery. Relapse can occur at a moment of weakness when a person in recovery feels a strong need to use drugs or alcohol again. Unfortunately, relapse happens sometimes, but it is important to understand why it happens.  It does not mean that you have failed – it just means you need to approach your recovery in a different way. It is helpful to understand what can trigger a relapse, and that recovery from addiction is a lifelong effort that will take continuous work.

Rebuilding –Recovery from addiction is a blessing as it provides you with a fresh start in life. Rebuilding after recovery gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with positive influences in a healthy environment. You can find sober friends, new activities that are constructive and enjoyable, and pursue your goals that were hindered by your previous addiction.

At Boca House for Men, we help you follow the R’s of Recovery to make sure you stay on the right track.

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