Replace the Drug or Drink

Replace the drug or drink with something healthy!

Live longer with a better quality of life, that is what sobriety is all about. Exercise provides more energy and can help us live longer and feel better. Good diet, and physical activity including regular exercise will increase health. Exercise prevents weight gain and helps maintain weight loss.

Here are some suggestions to live healthier and stay in good health.

1. Be proactive,  take the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Try to set aside chunks of time to exercise.

Regular exercise can help prevent- stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and accidents.

We can blow off steam after a stressful day with a workout or a walk. Keep moving!

When we exercise regularly it stimulates the chemicals in our brain that makes us feel better; it also boosts confidence, muscle endurance, and improves self esteem.

With time and effort, exercise can prevent and reverse depression.

Exercise Terminology

Aerobic/ Cardio Activity– to speed up your breathing and heart rate. Running, cycling, walking, swimming, and dancing.

Flexibility/ training/ stretching– enhances the range of motion of joints. Age and inactivity causes muscles, tendons and ligaments to shorten over time. Be careful stretching cold muscles and joints, this can make them injury prone.

Warm up– the act of preparing your body for the stress of exercise. The body can be warmed up with light intensity aerobic movements like walking slowly. These movements heat up muscles and joints. At the end of the workout it is also good to do some light stretching.

Cool down– Walk on the treadmill at a reduced speed and use incline for several minutes until your breathing and heart rate slow down. Stretching is very important and often part of the cool down.

Regular exercise and eating breakfast is a critical part of staying healthy. People who are active feel better and live longer. Exercise can help maintain your body weight. It can delay and prevent diabetes or heart problems. Most adults need a minimum of 20 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

Walking briskly, dancing, swimming, bicycling for fun or recreation. Stretching and weight lifting can also strengthen your body and improve fitness level. Find the right exercise for you, stay motivated and start off slow but the key is to stay active.

Ten Workout Commandments

1-be consistent, eat breakfast

2-follow an effective exercise routine

3-set realistic goals

4-use the buddy system

5-make your plan fit for life

6-be happy

7-watch the clock

8-call in the pros

9-get inspired

10-be patient

By incorporating the above suggestions into your sober recovery program you will be happier and healthier. Call Boca House today to get on the road to recovery!

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