Smartphone Apps to Help You Stay Sober

In today’s world, there is a smartphone app for everything. With all of the health information available at our fingertips, there’s no reason to exclude an app to promote a sober lifestyle in south Florida. Recovery apps have been developed to help individuals find support and encouragement during their recovery process. The following are sobriety and recovery apps that Boca House for Men encourages men in sober living homes to download and utilize in order to help stay on track during recovery.

Sober Grid:

A brand new app that thousands have already downloaded, helps you chat and meet up with others in recovery. Establish a positive support system, find rides to 12 step meetings, share quotes, updates and pictures to inspire others around you.

I Am Sober:

Track your daily and weekly sobriety milestones, calculate how much money you save with your sober lifestyle, and talk to those going through a similar experience at a sober living home for men in Boca Raton. Notifications appear as inspirational quotes to give you the extra boost you might need throughout the day.

Squirrel Recovery:

Developed by an Ohio State doctor, this app allows you to set up a support circle with up to ten other people in sober living homes for men or local addiction centers. The people in your circle can see your mood and current state, then help you during trigger moments by providing support and encouragement at the moments you need it most. If you feel you need immediate help, there’s a panic button your app that will alert your circle instantly. The app will also keep track of each sober day you complete, rewarding you with “coins” to collect.

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