Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a term that references a dependence upon a substance or behavior that often negatively impacts other areas of an addict’s life. Substance and alcohol abuse are both common areas of addiction that adversely affect families, friendships, and life opportunities of addicted individuals every day. Recognizing the signs of addiction is often the most critical step to finding a way out of addictive behaviors and practices.

Inability to Stop

One of the most common signs of addiction is the inability of an addicted individual to stop their negative behavior. Whether the individual makes the attempt to quit but quickly returns to their addictive patterns, or tries to stop only to suffer symptoms of withdrawal, addiction often leaves individuals feeling trapped and out of control.

Risk Taking

Risk taking is often associated with serious cases of addiction. Many addicts will behave in unsafe and illogical ways in order to defend or feed their addictions. Stealing, taking extreme measures, or even selling sex or personal belongings for money, drugs, or alcohol are not uncommon amongst highly addicted individuals.

Suffering Relationships

As addiction’s grip becomes tighter, many families, friends, and other loved ones of addicts may begin to feel a break in a relationship that was once healthy and strong. If you recognize any of these common signs of addiction in yourself or a loved one, take the first step towards becoming sober by reaching out to support groups and medical professionals who have your best interests in mind.

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