Reaching out for Help: How Rehabilitation Saved Colin Farrell’s Life

Colin FarrellThere are many people struggling through the effects of addiction. Those that decide to seek help and enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, can regain their health and lead a life of sobriety. Boca House recognizes the importance of success stories and what they might mean to you as someone who is battling addiction or concerned over a loved one. Anyone can find help. Celebrities, like Colin Farrell, show true strength and humility by accepting their problems, entering rehabilitation and bettering their lives all under the eye of the public. Colin Farrell’s story is an inspiration for anyone to get sober.

Colin’s Growing Popularity

Colin Farrell, popular movie actor known for such films as Phone Booth, The Recruit and S.W.A.T. is suddenly receiving a growing number of movie roles. The actor has his experiences in rehabilitation to thank for the new success with three movies already slated for a 2013 release. After understanding he needed real help, Colin was able to save his life and his career.

Colin Farrell recognized his struggles early on in life. He was aware of early addictions as a child to sugary foods and thought he could not stop because they made him feel good. These early signs of addiction quickly led him to an unhealthy lifestyle of abusing drugs and alcohol. Although he was aware of his problems, Colin could not find a way to sobriety, even after he became a father.

Driven to Addiction

As a longtime drug abuser and alcoholic, his body was beginning to show the toll taken from drugs and alcohol. Colin’s condition worsened after the diagnosis of a rare syndrome in his young son. The pressures of his career, a strained relationship and the medical worries over his son further drove Colin into his addiction. Ultimately, he realized his body could not handle the physical abuse it was receiving and knew he would certainly die if he continued. Colin then reached out for help and attended a rehabilitation program to achieve sobriety.

Now, Colin Farrell is living life sober, feeling better than ever before and excited about his new career aspects. His recovery work has helped prepare him to handle the pressures of Hollywood and the perils of being a father. Now, Colin Farrell is another success story that proves how rehabilitation can completely turn your life around.

A Common Story

Although he might be a celebrity, Colin Farrell’s story of early addiction and the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with career and family issues is extremely common. Many people that start off with seemingly harmless addictive tendencies to food, caffeine, or unhealthy behaviors tend to be more susceptible to dangerous addictions such as drugs and alcohol.

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