Why Quitting Cold-Turkey Doesn’t Always Work

People with addictions have often experienced such harsh chemical reactions to substances that they literally cannot quit cold-turkey. While some may try, the addiction is often too strong, and they typically fall back into the cycle. A rehab or detox center is often the best place to go to get help in quitting. The following are some reasons why cold-turkey probably won’t work for you:

·         Studies show that only 3-6% of people who quit cold-turkey are successful. The reason for this is that the other 94-97% experience mental, behavioral, and physical withdrawals that are too strong for the body to handle.

·         Quitting cold-turkey often presents other problems that could be dangerous to your well-being. Depression and suicidal notions are often triggered, as are massive changes in the hormones of the body. These all play a factor in the probability that an addict will relapse.

·         Choosing to quit and just doing it one day does not give you the resources you need. Individuals who quit cold-turkey often do not join support groups or speak to a therapist for help. They feel that they can do it on their own, and thus try to until they fail.

Because of these reasons, it is important that someone who wants to quit their addictive behavior gets the professional help that they need. Contacting a rehab center is the first step in getting proper, safe, and effective help.

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