How to Quit Smoking: Why Cigarette Packs Need Graphic Images

Which one would make you put down the cigarette: an image of a mouth full of rotting teeth, or a warning written in small text?

A recent study on how to quit smoking revealed that more than 29% of people are more likely to kick the habit when they were given cigarette packs with images of the devastating consequences of smoking. For those in a South Florida sober living home, adding graphics to cigarette packs could be the extra motivation they need in order to conquer their habit.

According to study lead by Noel Brewer, “The pictorial warnings made the harms of smoking ever present and vivid, while the usual text warnings were bland, stale, and easy to ignore.” In what could prove to be revolutionary for those trying to figure out how to quit smoking, the researchers further shared that 5.7% of smokers given pictorial warnings had quit smoking for at least one week compared with 3.8% given text-only warnings, totaling a 50% increase. Despite numerous users attempting to quit their bad habits at South Florida sober living homes, many still have problems putting down the lighter.

Public health researcher, Jim Thrasher, reveals that, “Current warnings in the United States are small and barely noticeable, as they are on the side of the cigarette packages and have had the same messages for over 30 years.”

This new study not only provides a much needed answer to the repeatedly asked question of how to quit smoking, but will also help those staying at a South Florida sober living home check another bad habit off their list.

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