How to Tell if You Are a Better Person When Sober

Sure, making any major life change is always scary at first, but eventually we get used to it. Oftentimes, we even have a hard time remembering why we were so opposed to change in the first place. This is no different when it comes to making the decision to get sober and enter into a Florida drug rehab program.

At first, entering into a Boca Raton drug rehab may seem like one of the most intimidating things to have to face, but after the toxins begin to leave our bodies, we eventually begin to see (and feel) the positive impact that such an important life change can have on ourselves.

For those who still question whether making the decision to enter into a Boca sober house was the right one, there are certain ways of how to tell if you are a better person when sober. There are many giveaways that show the positive impact that getting clean has made on your life, while other signs continue to show up along your recovery journey.

In particular, you may start to notice that it is much easier to remember things, specifically simple things that many others take for granted. Remembering small things like where you parked or car or remembering to get gas, can be a feat in and of itself. Chances are, you find yourself remembering to maintain your car as well, making your life that much easier. Who would’ve thought!

Another way to tell that you are a better person when sober is if people answer the phone when you call. Regardless of whether or not you noticed it, substance abuse puts a huge strain on all of your relationships. If family members who once refused to answer the phone for you now pick up with a cheery “hello,” then you know that you are on the right path.

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