What Parents of Addicts Should Expect to Deal With

While some parents may not want to believe that their child has a substance abuse problem, nothing will get better by not addressing it. Ignoring the problem will only allow your child’s drug abuse to continue when they could have been getting help at a Florida sober house instead. When dealing with your child’s addiction, these are some things that you should expect to deal with.

Lies. Although you and your child may have had a bond of trust before, substance abuse generally rears its ugly head and completely violates it. Those in the throes of addiction will lie, cheat, and steal in order to fund their drug habits. Before they get help from a Boca Raton drug rehab, don’t assume that you can trust what your child is saying.

Enabling. By constantly making yourself available to bail your child out of a sticky situation that they got themselves into as a result of their substance abuse, they will never have to take responsibility for their actions and realize that they may need help from a sober living house. Enabling your child will only hurt your child’s growth and development, it will also hurt you in the long run.

Instincts. Listen to what your instincts tells you when you feel as if something is not right with your child. Even though your child may be telling you one thing, if you believe another, it is important to trust your instincts and investigate the situation. Make sure to pay more attention to your child’s actions and not necessarily to what they are saying.

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