Overcoming a Shocking Addiction

Rush LimbaughWhen you are worried about taking measures to overcome your addiction or you are worried about a loved one taking those first steps, it is important to recognize others who have already overcome the same challenges. Addiction is hard to fight, but with the right tools it is possible. One of the inspiring figures in the political arena is Rush Limbaugh. Although he is most well-known for his radio career, he has also struggled with an addiction to prescription pain killers.

Start of Addiction

Rush Limbaugh was like many others who become addicted to prescription pain relievers. His addiction started after he was given the medication for legitimate reasons. He underwent a back surgery that was improperly performed and suffered from back pain. As a result, his doctor prescribed a pain medication to help reduce the discomfort.

Although his addiction began accidentally, the radio talk show host was caught trying to illegally obtain Oxycontin and hydrocodone in 2003. At that time, Rush Limbaugh admitted to his problem and entered a 30 day rehab program to start fighting the addiction. While he began taking measures to recover in 2003, the court case against him continued until 2006. During that time, the medical records of the radio talk show host were obtained and used to determine that he had been doctor shopping to obtain new pills.

Long-Term Rehab

Although Rush Limbaugh admitted to his problem and willingly went into a rehab program in 2003, he continued to struggle with addiction. That struggle against prescription drug addiction gradually led the radio talk show host to the legal proceedings that uncovered his illegal acquisition of prescription pain relievers.

After the court obtained a warrant to obtain the medical records, Rush Limbaugh was required to begin an 18 month rehab program. It was determined that he needed long-term care and assistance to overcome his addiction to prescription pain relievers and start living without the drugs.

In 2006, Rush Limbaugh entered a long-term program with his personal doctor to begin working on his addiction. The program lasted for 18 months and he left the program sober and drug free. Since leaving the program, the talk show host has taken random drug screening tests to prove that he is remaining drug free and has truly fought his addiction.

Maintaining Sobriety

Although Rush Limbaugh has suggested that his not a role model, he has maintained his drug-free lifestyle since completing rehabilitation and has become an inspiration for others in a similar position. He did not become addicted to the medication on purpose, but he has admitted to inappropriate behavior as a result of that addiction.

His straightforward honesty about the situation and the ability to avoid pain killers since his admission has made him an inspiration for anyone who is trying to overcome drugs or alcohol.

Fighting an addiction to drugs and alcohol is not easy, but it is a possible. Rush Limbaugh showed that even when the addiction was accidental it can cause problems. When you take measures to get help and fight the addiction, it is possible to overcome it and live a drug free lifestyle.

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