Obstacles and Rewards of Being a Sober 21 Year Old

Going through recovery proves hard enough, without the additional task of having to do it while most people your age are experiencing their first drink. Ups and downs are inevitable, but this list proves that with every obstacle comes a reward.


  1. Watching Others Fail. Deciding to get sober at a younger age means that you have more years ahead of you to relapse. While you can’t let your friends’ decisions affect your sobriety, you also don’t want to watch them make a horrible mistake…but sometimes you unfortunately might have to.
  2. Fear of Missing Out. Maintaining sobriety around the age of 21 can prove extra challenging, since a majority of the youth go out to places that only breed temptation for recovering addicts. Going to a bar, pregaming a football game, and going out on your 21st birthday are all out of the picture if you are a young recovering addict.
  3. Making New Friends. Attempting to find sober friends and feeling comfortable being around alcohol without drinking, can seem absolutely impossible in college.


  1. Actually Remembering Your College Experience. The earlier you commit to a life of sobriety, the earlier you get to start remembering things. While all those college activities sure seem like fun, we are willing to bet that a majority of the students participating in it will have very hazy memories of it.
  2. Getting a Head Start. Stopping drinking sooner in life, rather than later, allows you to find yourself and focus on what truly makes you happy. In turn, you have much more time to hone in on what drives you; therefore funneling your energy towards fostering a successful future for yourself.
  3. Saving Money. Think of all the money that you can save from not buying alcohol. While it may not seem like you would save that much, you would be surprised how much extra funds you have for textbooks…or shopping.

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