NCAA Potentially Facing New Drug Policy

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has faced recent criticism regarding their current drug policy.

According to Brian Hainline, chief medical officer for the organization, “the NCAA’s doping policy is outdated, and there needs to be more consistency among schools.”

Since the organization allows each individual school to set their own policy regarding drug testing, as well as set the grounds for punishment, some people argue that this is not fair to players from other schools who face harsher consequences for their actions.

Hainline suggests that one policy be created by the NCAA, so the players all have an equal playing ground. Not only that, but he has also argued that all of the lab tests be done by the same accredited lab – that way, there is no chance for any type of discrepancy.

He continues to lament that, “there should be one policy, and it should be transparent. A clear statement that anyone who plays for the Big Five will not be allowed to take steroids, and sends a strong message to youth.” If these changes do end up happening, they will first require the approval from all of the schools within the NCAA.

Another supporter of this proposed change in policy, is Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey, who thinks that this would not only help the NCAA, but also help overhaul the policy procedures for other institutions, as well as send a positive message to the youth looking to follow the same sports path.

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