Things You Can Do With Your Money Instead of Drugs

For those who have abused drugs, you are certainly no stranger to one of the many things that substance abuse puts a strain on – in particular your wallet.

The amount of money lost while in the throes of a drug addiction pile up over time. Between the money spent on drugs and the money lost from being on drugs – think opportunity cost of wages and jobs lost – it can add up to a large amount overtime. However, now that you have made the decision to take back control of your life after your stay at an addiction treatment center like Boca House, it’s time to explore all the things you can do with your money instead of drugs.

Have you always had a vacation that you wanted to take, but couldn’t because 1.) you could never get your life together and 2.) you never had the funds available because you were always spending it all on drugs. Well, after your stay at a men’s sober living home, plan that vacation you have always dreamed of taking. After all, why not reward yourself for accomplishing something so monumental in your life?

Another one of the many things you can do with your money instead of buy drugs, is pay off any debt that you have accumulated over the years. Think of how good it will feel to pay off a creditor instead of a dealer. This will not only put you one step closer towards taking control of the reins on your life after you attend addiction treatment, but it will also put you in a better position for future jobs and home purchases. Release the ties of debt, as well as addiction by using your money to enhance your life instead of hold you down.

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