Men at Greater Risk for Alcoholism?

Did you know that men are twice as like to become alcoholics as opposed to women?

Considering women generally weigh less than men, they also have less tissue to absorb alcohol with. Simultaneously, they also have a higher ratio of fat-to-water than men, which means that they are less able to dilute alcohol within the body. Therefore, when both sexes drink the same amount, women end up more intoxicated, much more quickly, than men. Consequently, this may also be the reason as to why men drink more, and thus evolve into alcoholics; because they can. They have the ability to consume more alcohol and as a result, they do just that, despite how easily drinking a higher volume can turn into dependency.

An additional finding to consider, is that men have a greater dopamine release when drinking as opposed to women.

According to Dr. Nina Urban, “in men, increased dopamine release also had a stronger association with subjective positive effects of alcohol intoxication. This may contribute to the initial reinforcing properties of alcohol and the risk for habit formation.”

However, the more they repeated the drinking episodes, the less dopamine was released. This means that drinking had turned into tolerance, and was evolving into a habit.

As if that didn’t convince you already, another study recently revealed that men have a 36% chance of having a substance abuse disorder, as opposed to only 18% of women. More specifically, 25-34 year-old men were twice as likely to report substance dependency, as opposed to 45-50 year-old men. Yikes, maybe guys’ night should consider nixing the beer for water.

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