Matt Perry Sitcom Star

matthew-perry-soberFriends mega – sitcom star Matt Perry struggled with addiction. Known as Chandler Bing in the1990’s Friends Sitcom sensation, Matt now helps to fight the battle of addiction in his own home today.

Perry visited treatment centers in 97 and 2001, for opiates and alcohol. Taking over 20 pain pills a day and mixing with alcohol resulted in a hospital stay and kidney issues.

Chasing Monica (Courteney Cox) on “Friends” while in the hot flame of his career age 24 to 34, he was suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. He explains how his addiction got worse over time on NBC sitcom  “Friends” and how he was on the verge of life or death. Recovering now, Matt is serious about treatment and sobriety.

Perry has even turned his former Malibu home into a rehab center for recovering addicts, and believes in treatment for non-violent offenders to clean up their act instead of jail time. Here at Boca House we offer excellent recovery and treatment programs and are known for successful outcomes. Call today for more information.

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