Why Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Are Rapping about Addiction

It wasn’t until Macklemore realized that he was about to become a father that he made the decision to enter into a sober living house and start his life in recovery.

According to Macklemore, upon learning that his wife was pregnant, he realized that “it was a wake-up call that I desperately needed. Like you’re about to be a dad. Dude, stop doing drugs and lying to people and sneaking around. Like do you want to live life or do you want to escape life? That was one of those pivotal turning points.”

For the general population of people getting help for a substance abuse problem at a Florida sober house, their reasons for choosing to get sober are all very different. Regardless, the end goal is the same, and with the help of a Boca Raton drug rehab it makes maintain sobriety that much easier – despite whether or not you are Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, or just a normal person.

In fact, Macklemore has been so moved by his decision to get clean and the improved quality of life that followed it, that he is now even incorporating his recovery journey into his rap songs. In one of the duo’s newest songs, they sing lines such as “Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of OxyContin.” Written to raise awareness of prescription drug abuse, Macklemore hopes to help other get help from a sober living house as well with this new song.

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