Soccer Legend Paul Gascoigne “Gazza” Checks Into AZ Rehab for Alcoholism, Mental Illness

Paul Gascoigne: Fame That Rivaled David Beckham

paul gascoigneBritish soccer star Paul Gascoigne “Gazza” – whose fame once rivaled David Beckham’s – is back in rehab battling for his life. After decades of struggling with alcoholism and mental illness, a recent public breakdown at a charity event caused celebrity pals, including Piers Morgan, to insist that the troubled legend seek help.

As famous for his game-clenching kicks as his off-the-field antics, Gascoigne became a household name in the early 1990s. Sadly, his life-long battle with alcoholism and mental illness, however, has overshadowed his professional athletic accomplishments. Despite multiple rehab attempts, the 45-year old athlete continues to struggle with alcoholism and mental illness. Most recently, his manager said that Gascoigne’s life was in real danger due to his addiction.

A Family Staged Intervention

Earlier this week, friends and family members, including his ex-wife, staged an intervention in hopes of saving Gascoigne’s life. The soccer legend had recently appeared at a charity event slurring his words and shaking uncontrollably. According to observers, it was clear to all in the room that Gascoigne’s alcoholism was once again out of control.

Lifelong Battle with Alcoholism and Mental Illness

Gascoigne has battled alcoholism and mental illness for much of his life. He has openly spoken about his problems, and was even forced into rehab twice under Britain’s “Mental Health Act”.

While many of Paul Gascoigne’s friends are rallying to help the star, they also spoke candidly about the troubles of helping an individual succeed in rehab. “Sometimes we go one step forward, two back,” said Professional Footballers Association (PFA) chief executive Gordon Taylor. PFA recently paid for Gascoigne to attend an alcohol detoxification program through the Sporting Chance Clinic.

“Just recently, he’s (Gascoigne’s) been in for detoxification and he’s checked himself out,” said Taylor. “It gets frustrating for people trying to help him. It’s just not possible to be with him 24/7.”

Coping Skills and Sober Living Facilities Help Bridge the Transition from Rehab

Gascoigne’s struggles are an important reminder that even with a strong support network, a loved one may still struggle to overcome substance abuse. A short visit to a rehab center may simply not be enough for a loved one to successfully overcome addiction. Additionally, outpatient treatment programs and sober living facilities can play an important role in helping individuals successfully transition from rehab back into daily life.

Past Attempts of Sobriety

According to Gascoigne’s friends and supporters, many of his past attempts at rehab failed because the athlete lacked the professional support post-rehab to remain focused on his sobriety. After leaving rehab, he did not have the necessary coping skills to resist returning to old habits.

Gascoigne’s supporters are hoping that his latest trip to an undisclosed Phoenix, AZ rehab facility will work. The athlete reportedly “willingly” checked into the center and is said to be “motivated to fully understand and control his addiction problem under guidance.”

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