These Inspiring Drug Recovery Movies Will Help You Stay Sober This Summer

If you are looking for inspiring drug recovery movies this summer to keep yourself on track, look no further because this list from Boca House is exactly what you are looking for.


Get ready to get blown away, expand your mind, and elevate your inner passion; give these inspiring drug recovery movies a try, and remember that Boca House is rooting for you!


Of Mice and Men: This incredible portrayal of the famous book by John Steinbeck relays the unique dynamic of a strong-willed man, George, with his dimwitted buddy Lennie. The story will definitely change your point of view because it demonstrates how all people feel passion and love, and in this way everyone is connected. Out of all the drug recovery movies out there, this one reveals the struggles of mental illness, as well as the importance of tolerance and acceptance of others.


Life is Beautiful: This story takes place during the Holocaust. The movie weaves together a plot consisting of a boy and his father in a concentration camp. The father shields his son from the reality of the situation by making their lives in the death camp feel like a game. This movie shows that even in the darkest of times, you can make an ordeal more positive and protect the ones you love, which is exactly what we aim to do here at Boca House.

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