Improving Your Self-Esteem During or After Rehab

Whether you have spent months in a rehab facility undergoing detoxification, or if you are currently working on quitting on your own, it is essential that you don’t lose yourself to the anguish or shame that you might feel. Improving your self-esteem both during and after rehabilitation isn’t always easy, but it can be done so that you can enjoy your new, free life. The following are some things that you can do to give yourself a boost:

• Change Your Point-of-View – Addicts often have a negative mind-set. Following rehab, you may start to realize that life isn’t such a bad experience after all. It will take some time to change your point-of-view, but spend time consciously thinking about it. For example, instead of being upset that you’re missing opportunities during rehab, be glad that this step is opening up new opportunities for a brighter future.
• Celebrate Accomplishments – Celebrating the accomplishments you have made goes right along with changing your point-of-view. Rehab and detox brings addicts so far and helps them make dramatic improvements in your life. Celebrate those improvements in healthy ways and with emotionally healthy people.
• Forgive Yourself – Sometimes one of the hardest things to do during rehab is forgive yourself. You realize and see how your own actions caused you to be in the place that you are and you feel shame for it. The good news is that forgiveness is something that everyone else is extending to you, and you can extend it to yourself as well. It will be a liberating moment when you take that step.

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