The Importance of Family Support While in a Sober Living House

Now that your loved one has finally made the decision to regain control over their lives by stopping their substance abuse, the importance of family support while in a sober living house is more prevalent than ever.

Readjusting to the daily trials and tribulations of life can prove to be especially challenging to someone who is new to recovery treatment. Without a strong support system, recovering addicts are more likely to revert back to their old habits of drug use once discharged from treatment.

Not only are sober-living houses vital to the recovery process, so is a stable and reliable support system. As a way to create daily structure, sober-living houses act to help patients readjust to life after treatment with a gradual lessening of supervision. In effect, the sober-living house gives the recovering addict the tools to healthy coping mechanisms, in order to create an organized and sober life for him or herself. By doing this, the groundwork is set for the patient to be able to hold a steady job, show up on time to places, maintain stable relationships, and ultimately say “no” to going back to substance abuse.

According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, recovering addicts who passed through some kind of structured halfway house environment were significantly less likely to relapse. One of the most important aspects of this study was the direct relationship between family support and the chances of success in maintaining sobriety: the stronger the level of family support, the less likely the recovering addict was to relapse.

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