The Importance of an Addiction Aftercare Plan

After you leave addiction rehabilitation, you and your counselor will come up with the best aftercare treatment plan for you. Aftercare treatment is essential to the longevity and prosperity of your recovery because it ensures that you are still getting the necessary help in order to continue a sober and healthy life.

Aftercare can consist of several options depending on your addiction and the progress made during rehab. Many counselors will recommend outpatient addiction treatment after inpatient addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment can consist of weekly individual sessions, daily group therapy sessions, and sometimes even family sessions if needed.

The most important part of substance abuse aftercare is the continued teaching of effective relapse prevention techniques. Always remember that recovery and sobriety are a day to day battle, all you can do is take one day at a time. After you and your addiction counselor create an effective aftercare program that fits you and your needs, you must stick to it. The moment we think that we can continue on our own, without professional help, usually results in relapse and having to start all over.

Remember that there is all kinds of help available to suit your needs. Stick to your daily aftercare addiction treatment plan and continue the path to becoming the best version of YOU.

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