How Illicit Drug Use Affects Your Future Children

While it may come as no surprise, doing drugs is not good for your health. There are only so many times that you can abuse substances before it not only affects you, but also your future offspring. The use of just about every illicit drug causes irreparable damage to the entire male reproductive system.

However, according to the National Study on Drug Use and Health, marijuana has the highest rate out of any illicit drug in the United States, of harming the reproductive system; which means you probably have all, or some of these problems with your sperm.

Dr. Ricardo Yazigi of Shady Grove Fertility Center explains that, “about 33 percent of chronic users will have low sperm counts…binding of the active components and metabolites of marijuana to receptors on sperm themselves has also been shown to lead to decreasing motility rates.” There is further evidence that opiate addiction can lead to poor fertilization rates or miscarriage for women.

Not only that, but methamphetamine use causes “direct damage to the seminiferous tubes,” which means there is lower testosterone production.

Dr. Fernando Caudevilla explains that, “the main problem of amphetamine and amphetamine derivatives is the risk of cardiovascular alternations (heart deformity) in offspring.”

Dr. Yazigi further elaborates that MDMA use causes “sperm DNA damage, degeneration of the tissue within the testicles. Sperm motivity (the ability for the sperm to swim effectively toward the egg.) is preserved, but the sperm count may be decreased.” Also, as with meth, MDMA can lead to heart abnormalities in children.

Furthermore, Dr, Yazigi drives the point home regarding illicit drug use and your future children, by stating that drug use causes “a number of men for whom it may take a few years to go back to a normal sperm count.”

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