How to Identify Substance Abuse Addiction

Identifying Substance Abuse Addiction in ourselves or in a loved one can be very challenging.

Here are some ways to identify that there might be a Substance Abuse Addiction present:

1. Drinking or using drugs is causing problems in your relationships. This can be with your parents, other family members, friends, boss, or partner.

2. Drinking or using drugs is getting you into legal trouble. If you find yourself getting arrested for driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, or stealing in order to support your drug or alcohol habit, then you are experiencing a substance abuse addiction.

3. You are neglecting your responsibilities. This can be at school, work, or home and would include failing classes, not showing up to work or consistently being late, and neglecting your family and friends.

4. You are drinking or using drugs under dangerous conditions and taking risks while under the influence. This can be anything that you would not normally do because it is extremely dangerous. Dangerous activity could be using dirty needles, driving while under the influence, or engaging in dangerous sexual behaviors.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any or all of these problems then there may be a substance abuse addiction present. Get help by calling our addiction hotline at 877-957-8187 for more information.

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