Does Health Insurance Pay for Addiction Treatment?

If you are wondering if health insurance can pay for addiction treatment for you or a loved one, let the professionals at Boca House for Men help you.

After you or your loved one admits that there is an alcohol or drug addiction issue and that help is needed, then you should research and find the right treatment center that will best suit that particular type of addiction. There are a lot of treatment centers available so it is important that you take an ample amount of time researching which facility would be best.

Once you find a facility that you think would be a good fit for you or your loved one, schedule a tour of the facility. Touring treatment facilities will allow you to meet the staff, see the facility and location, and check out the amenities. It is essential that you find a treatment center that you will feel the most comfortable at, so that you can recover successfully.

Addiction Treatment can be expensive, but if you have drug recovery insurance it can cover all costs, or at least help to provide partial coverage.

Contact your insurance provider directly and ask them what type of substance abuse treatment is covered under your policy. You might have to reach your deductible before your insurance agency will cover your treatment, but they will be able to tell you what coverage you are eligible for and what steps you need to take in order to get it.

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