Give the Gift of Recovery This Year

The holiday season is approaching which means traditions, celebrations, spending quality time with family and friends and giving gifts that bring joy to your loved ones. Instead of becoming consumed by finding the perfect present to buy everyone, Boca House for Men knows the greatest gift you can give to your family this year: the gift of recovery.

A drug or alcohol addiction puts a family through some of the hardest times imaginable, causing family members to dwell on feelings of stress, guilt, worry, and shame. Recovery is by far the most priceless gift that serves not only you, but everyone who loves you. The best part about it is that you can start giving this gift at any moment.

With 2016 quickly ending, use this opportunity to make a positive change in your life for good. Here’s how you can give your family the gift of recovery:

  • Talk to your family about your substance addiction. This is never easy but it’s the first step toward getting you into a treatment center.
  • Ask for help. You and your family can contact the sober living facility at Boca House to get started.
  • Let them support you through your recovery. No one can control your addiction but you, but the support from your family will make your recovery easier.
  • Keep your family in the loop. Let your loved ones know about each of your recovery accomplishments so they can celebrate with you.
  • Let your family be a part of your experience. Spend time together, celebrate with them, and let them help you stay on the right track.

Give yourself the respect, love, and care that your family gives to you, and this will be the greatest gift of all.

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